Specifying the tile height in eTape Construction on Android

For The DIY-er

Adrienne, a DIY remodeler, is tiling a bathroom addition in her basement by herself. She has the layout done and all of the field tiles installed. Now, she needs to cut all of the edge pieces. She pulls out her Bluetooth tape measure. She doesn't need to pause to write down the measurements or limit herself to the 2 or 3 that she can remember. She just makes all of her measurements with a touch of a button on the tape measure which sends them directly into her cut list on the eTape Construction app then takes the cut tile back to her bathroom for installation.


Swiping away a measurement after it's been cut in eTape Construction on iOS

For The Professional Crew

Mike and his brother Alex, a professional remodeling crew of 2, is finishing an attic, and they're installing the final finish-work, the trim molding. Mike is measuring in the the attic, and Alex is cutting the boards. As Mike makes the measurements with the Bluetooth tape, they go into the shared cut list on the eTape Construction app. Alex immediately sees each new measurement, cuts the board, and then moves on to the next until all the measurements are made and boards cut. This saves a tremendous amount of time that the brothers normally spent running up-and-down the stairs between the room and the saw. And, because the measurements went straight from the tape measure to the app, the human measurement error was eliminated along with the associated wasted cuts.

Specifying the window dimensions in eTape Construction on Android

For The Handyman

Charles, a professional handyman, is replacing all of the windows on the second floor of a house. The first thing he does is measure each existing window to provide an estimate to his customer. He pulls out his Bluetooth tape measure and starts measuring. With each button press on the tape, a new measurement goes into his window list on the eTape Construction app. When he's done measuring, Charles exports his list into a spreadsheet, and generates a quote. When the customer hires him, he uses the same measurements to order the new windows and the material for the trim. Since he has the exact measurements on the windows, Charles can pre-cut and pre-finish the trim at his shop. When he arrives at the house to install the windows and trim, he can get in and get out quickly, and minimize his customer's down-time.


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