autoset. the smart miter saw fence.

Autoset is our automated miter saw fence. As a part of the Internet of Tools, Autoset integrates with our mobile app to streamline your workflow whether you're building a skyscraper, making a bookshelf, or anything in between. 


Cut More Precisely

Make every cut within 1/64" (0.4mm) of your target, every time, without having to stop, measure, mark, and adjust. And because the cut list comes directly from your design or an electronic measuring device, there's no manual measurement. That means fewer opportunities for measuring error, throughout your measure-cut-install workflow.


Generate Less Scrap

Eliminating error from manual adjustment when you make your cut is one more way Autoset helps you reduce overall error. Fewer errors mean fewer re-cuts, and fewer re-cuts mean less scrap and fewer material re-orders and lumber yard trips. Ultimately, that means less material cost. That's great news whether you're remodeling your own basement or developing a new subdivision.


Work Faster

50%. That's how much faster you make a single cut with Autoset vs. manual measuring and cutting. Considering you can reduce re-cuts and trips back-and-forth between your saw and the install location by queueing cuts, you may have to find a hobby for all that spare time you gain! If you're a professional, this can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Contact us for more information, including a ROI estimate for your business.

Reserve your autoset today

Get in line!  Velocity Robotics is excited to bring to life this serious tool that will make you rethink your job site and eliminate bottlenecks. Reserving your unit now will give you priority when preorders open. You'll receive special perks and be a part of a unique first customer group! Feedback is welcome.

How to Use


Make a Measurement

Add a measurement by

  • Bluetooth eTape
  • Bluetooth Leica DISTO laser distance meter
  • Spreadsheet import
  • Manual entry
  • BIM model

Move the Stop

Press the brake release button, and move the stop in the direction indicated. AutoSet will stop at the cut location and make a fine adjustment to give you a precise cut.

Make Your Cut

After the cut is completed, AutoSet loads the next cut in the list, and the process starts over. Enjoy your project!

Tech Specs




  1. Sturdy, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum C-Channel rail structure
  2. Portable, 48" rail sections joined for quick setup and teardown
  3.  Robust, engineering-grade polymer carriage and stop
  4. Extra-long, 2-sided aluminum ram provides small minimum cut length and ability to mount on either the left or right of the saw
  5. Designed to mount to portable saw stand or fixed table
  6. Stainless steel, slotted brackets provide a solid mount surface
  7. Designed to attach to any make and model of miter saw. Can be attached to other equipment as well.
  1. Adjustable ram to account for different miter saw base width and minimum cut lengths
  2. Sturdy, engineering-grade polymer stop can take the abuse of the job site or shop
  3. Designed to mount to fixed table or portable saw stand
  4. Designed to attach to any make or model of miter saw


  1. Simple user interface shows you to
    • Read your current cut length and any associated miter settings and quantities needed, plus who requested the cut if you're working on a crew. 
    • See whether or not the stop is set and you're ready to cut
    • Read the previous and next cut lengths in the list. You can scroll through the cut list with the up and down arrow buttons.
    • Know which way to push the stop and when it's time to cut.
    • Enter manual lengths in fractions or decimals. 
    • Mark a cut complete.
    • See that your mobile device is connected. When paired with your mobile device, Autoset reads your next cut from our app as soon as you finish making a cut, so your phone can stay in your pocket.
  2. Two-sided aluminum ram overhangs saw base to allow for short minimum cuts
  3. Sturdy ram holder slides over 1 inch in both directions to adjust to your precise cut length and flips out of the way when AutoSet is not needed
  4. Precision components like a strong and accurate stepper motor, machined custom gear rack, and this precision-ground stainless steel shaft make for smooth operation and high precision
  5. Injection molded, high-grade plastic parts with soft, flexible over-molding are job-site sturdy, while custom electronics make our patent-pending operations possible

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