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To connect press and hold the Bluetooth button until the Bluetooth indicator on the eTape display flashes, then press the Bluetooth button in the Measure app. The Bluetooth indicator on the eTape will turn solid, and the Bluetooth button on Measure will turn blue.

To send measurements to the phone, press the Bluetooth button while it's connected.

Display Units

(If you're in the US) your eTape is capable of displaying length in 6 different units:

  • Feet and Fractional Inches
  • Fractional Inches
  • Decimal Inches
  • Decimal Feet
  • Centimeters

To switch between units, press the in/cm button. The units displayed on the eTape do not change the units displayed in Measure.

To switch display units in Measure, go to Menu > Settings > Units to Display.


To switch between inside and outside measurements, press the Inside/Outside button (the one with the two arrows on it). This The display on the eTape will indicate inside or outside with the arrow pointing to the reference bumper. Toggling the Inside/Outside value on the eTape also changes the Inside/Outside value in Measure.


The eTape will calculate the midpooint of your current measurement when you press the Midpoint button. The Midpoint symbol on the display will flash when this feature is enabled. The Midpoint function does not change measurements displayed in Measure.


Re-zeroing allows you to measure from a non-zero reference point. For instance, if you want to measure from an existing nail in a wall, you can pull your tape to the nail from the edge of the wall, re-zero, and then measure to your next reference point. Re-zeroing does not change the measurements displayed in Measure.

To re-zero, pull the tape to the object you want to measure from, press-and-hold the Center/Re-Zero button until the display re-zeros, then measure on. While the re-zero function is active, the re-zero indicator on the eTape display will flash.


If your phone isn't handy, but you still need to record a measurement or two, you can use the eTape's built-in memory. Press-and-hold one of the two Mem buttons while you make your measurement to store the value. To retrieve a value from memory, press the desired memory button while the tape is reeled in. While that in-memory value is displayed, you can send it to Measure by pressing the Bluetooth button if the eTape is connected.

Blade Lock

Similar to most other non-electronic tape measures, the blade can be locked into place using the blade lock. Press down from the top of the eTape to lock, and pull up along the edge of the eTape to release.

Changing the Battery

To access the battery to replace it, remove the back bumper by pulling the battery release on the bottom of the eTape and pulling on the bumper. Removing and re-inserting the battery is also a useful troubleshooting step if you're having trouble connecting to your phone.

Use a CR 2032 battery available from our store or most brick-and-mortar retailers.