The Clickable Prototype Challenge!

Autoset is a miter saw fence that allows you to get a more precise measurement, make cuts faster, and share a cut list with a team. Autoset attaches to any existing miter saw, and can be assembled or torn down in less than 5 minutes. Check out this clickable prototype to see how it works and make sure to fill out the survey below to tell us how it went! 

Challenge #1

Frame a Custom Door

You are renovating an older house that is getting a custom door. It's 44.5" wide. You need to cut to this length at a 45 degree angle. Can you figure our how?

Challenge #2

Switch to Metric

You've received plans for beautiful cabinetry. The problem is, that they are all in centimeters. Rather than converting, can you figure out how to change Autoset to centimeters?


Tell us what you think! Is this clickable prototype of Autoset easy to use? Does it provide the information you need? 

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Did you figure out the first challeng?