Measure less. Cut MORE.

Cut insanely faster for just $399 with Autoset


Velocity Robotics’ revolutionary smart positioning system enables both raw rookies and seasoned veterans to cut 50% faster to precision accuracy (1/64” inch).

Autoset pairs with your own miter saw, chop saw, tile saw, drill press, or bender and is fast and easy to use. Enter measurements into Autoset by:

• typing directly onto the touchpad

• uploading a cut list from a spreadsheet or BIM/CAD program

• pairing directly with a Bluetooth or laser measuring tape

Then release the brake, give a push to the direction shown on the screen, and Autoset automatically positions your workpiece to make the correct cut every time, accurate to 1/64”. When you enter multiple measurements, Autoset can provide material optimization to reduce your scrap and maximize yield from every cut.

Cut the world's largest chocolate bar with Autoset (1).jpg

Autoset can pay for itself on your first job: you’ll trim 2-3 days off a six-week project and reduce waste by 30%.

Come see Autoset at the Velocity Robotics Booth 1047 at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore Oct 10-11. Use Autoset to cut wood OR the massive 10-pound Jumbo Toblerone chocolate bar we imported for the occasion!

Remodeling Show Special Package:

• $399 for Autoset – and you can lock that price in on any additional Autosets ordered through June 30, 2019

• $100 coupon to use towards additional Autosets or accessories (order now and use coupon code REMODELINGSHOW2018)

• free and priority shipping when Autoset ships in March 2019

• free carrying case

For additional info email, or call (412) 254-3011.