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When will Autoset be available for purchase?

You can pre-order Autoset right now! Every unit comes with a free app download, a free carying case, free priority shipping, and a ton of awesome behind the scenes content.

Autoset will ship in April 2019.

What are the different ways to import measurements and cut lists into Autoset?

There are a number of ways to enter measurements into Autoset.

THE APP: Autoset connects to our app, which allows you to import csv cut lists or any cut lists generated by the measuring tools connected to the app. However, the app is not necessary to use Autoset, even with connected measuring tools.

MEASUREMENT DEVICE: Autoset also allows you to connect directly to Bluetooth tape measures and laser distance meters. Once Autoset is paired with a connected measuring device, multiple measurements can be made with Autoset recieving the measurements and logging them into a cut list.

IMPORTS: Autoset allows direct imports from both spreadsheets and BIM models. This creates a list of cuts in Autoset and optimizes your material for the least amount of scrap possible.

MANUAL: Finally, Autoset accepts manual entry. The keypad alloys you to enter measurements in with decimals on in a fractional format in inches or centemeters.

How many can you cut? The limitation is only the memory of the device. You can add thousands of measurements. Once they're loaded into Autoset, you can scroll through the list using the up and down buttons. 

How many measurements can i have in a cut list?

What is the length of rail that comes with autoset?

The rail comes in 48" sections that can be put together to form as long of a rail as you need for portability. If you're not concerned about portability, please contact us at for custom solutions.

What are the specs and durability predictions for Autoset?

The repeatability with respect to accuracy is 100% within 1/64". Our sensor actually provides a resolution on the order of 0.0001" or tighter. The vast majority of the measurements will actually be quite a bit closer than 1/64". The accuracy is limited almost entirely by part tolerances / error stack (as opposed to sensor error or noise). We are even accounting for ambient temperature to improve repeatability.

Are parts and materials are specified for the construction site. Our design allows for drops, bumps, dust, outdoor temperature range, and humidity. We have an over-molded, sealed top housing that holds the electronics, keypad, and screen. It has a big lip around the keypad and display to keep lumber or other building materials from impacting the keypad and screen. The base housing that holds the drive mechanism is designed to allow any water to drain quickly.

The drive mechanism is indeed a stepper, with a lead screw and two precision linear guide shafts. It is designed to be very rigid, which improves precision and reliability.

The mechanism for "sliding" (or rolling, now) on the rail has also been vastly improved, with a v-wheel-based design that offers both more off-axis rigidity. You'll now be able to push the Autoset in the general direction of the next cut, and it will roll down the rail on its own until it brakes near the final cut - that's how smoothly it will slide. The brake mechanism is a simple, caliper style brake now - a field tested mechanism that is found on many other tools.


Autoset uses an inductance-based sensing technology, in some ways similar to the way digital calipers work. The system has a resolution of smaller than 0.0001", and provides a repeatable accuracy of +/- 0.008" (or 1/128"). Autoset senses a metal pattern that repeats along the length of the rail. To calculate its general position, it counts the repetitions of the pattern. To achieve the fine precision, it measures its location within the pattern.

What stock can I cut with Autoset?

Any linear stock: lumber, molding, siding, pipe, metal studs. Just make sure you use the right blade.

Autoset comes with a universal mount that will mount to pretty much anything that has two mounting holes along each side (or one side or the other). If you are reserving a unit, just send us the make and model of your saw and we'll make sure that Autoset will fit like a glove. 

Oh, and if you really do have a one-of-a-kind, limited edition, hand-crafted, artisanal miter-saw that has less than two mounting holes along the side you want to mount to, we'll do a custom fit.

Can I mount to either side of my saw?

Yes. It is possible to mount Autoset to either side of the saw. You could even mount two at a time, one to each side. We recommend using two carriages (the part with the stop). The stops can flip out of the way, so you would just flip one side out of the way while working with the other.