Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having trouble connecting your phone to your eTAPE, try the following tips. If you're still having trouble, call or text us for help at 412-254-3011, or send an email to

1. Sometimes the scan operation fails. When this happens, the Bluetooth button turns from orange to white. Simply press the Bluetooth button again until the phone starts scanning and the button turns orange.

2. Sometimes the phone connects, but the eTAPE doesn't appear to connect or vice-versa. If this happens, try starting the scan over by pressing the Bluetooth button until it turns orange, and the phone starts scanning again.

3. Try toggling Bluetooth. In your Android settings, disable Bluetooth. Then in the Measure app, initiate an eTAPE connection by pressing the Bluetooth button.
4. Try "forgetting" the eTAPE. In your Android settings, go to the Bluetooth menu, find the eTAPE device, press on it, and select "forget" or "unpair". Then in the Measure app,initiate an eTAPE connection by pressing the Bluetooth button.
5. Try restarting the Measure app. Make sure you fully close it by pressing the Android menu button to switch between applications, and then swiping away the Measure app.
6. Try removing and re-inserting the battery on the eTape.
7. If all else fails, try rebooting your phone.